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We offer a range of recruitment services to suit our client's requirements.

Our Services

As a recruitment company, we offer a variety of solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our philosophy is centered on providing value and helping our clients find highly qualified candidates who are skilled in technology, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence and have demonstrated their abilities in a professional setting through tangible results. We specialize in working with experienced candidates who can showcase their expertise in these areas.



AIU will research and marketplace for the right candidate(s) and then approach and secure a shortlist.



Leveraging our network AIU will find the right candidate for your role or will present you a candidate who we believe matches your company technically and culturally



Some of our clients need a mix of services, whatever your requirements small or large get in touch and we can help



Leveraging our network AIU will find the right contract candidate for your role

- Neil Rankin, MD Predictive Inights
“AI Unity go above and beyond when it comes to recruitment, they understand the marketplace and provided a great service to both us and our candidate.”  
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